Swisscanto Flex: flexible and powerful pension solu­tions

Let your employees’ money work today for later. Occupational pension provision in the form of investment funds offers higher return opportunities in the long term. Most of our provision products have been established for many years and regularly impress with strong investment results.

Pension solutions

The Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation covers the different needs of corporate customers with individual insurance plans and various options for investing pension assets.

Investment management

With the various investment strategies Flex 20, Flex 30 and Flex 40, the Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation offers a wide range of investment opportunities. The Flex RK investment pool is only available to the pensioners’ pension fund and its strategy is practically identical to the Flex 20 investment strategy.

Business reports

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Swisscanto Flex publishes Annual Report 2022

Stable degree of coverage of around 105% – Despite the financial crisis year 2022

Annual accounts for 2021 were approved and published by the Board of Trustees