Swiss pension fund study 2019

Swisscanto Pensions Ltd. has published its 19th Swiss pension fund study. Over the years, this study has recorded important developments and trends. In the latest report introduced to the public on 6 June 2019, the authors focus on the measures taken by pension schemes to stabilise the pensions of their insured.


The figures published by the participating pension schemes very clearly show how important and representative the Swiss pension fund study 2019 is. The participants in the study included:

  • 531 pension schemes, of which:
  • 442 autonomous / semi-autonomous pension funds and 89 collective and joint foundations
  • representing total assets of CHF 660 billion and
  • 2.9 million active insured and 0.9 million pension recipients

2019 study results at a glance



The study's authors focused on the measures taken by pension schemes to stabilise the pensions of their insured. To this end, we first have to investigate how the benefit target has changed over the past ten years. The following graph presents the result:



The benefit target for a salary of CHF 80,000 reported by study participants has dropped once again. This trend has continued unabatedly since 2014. These results naturally have to be analysed in more depth, but it is clear that the average replacement rate of 69 percent still substantially exceeds the 60 percent target from the first and second pillars needed to maintain the previous standard of living for all participants (right-hand scale). All the more surprising, therefore, that a large number of pension funds have gone to considerable effort to stabilise their benefits.



This "bouquet” of measures and the fact that the trend of falling benefit targets is likely to continue will hopefully motivate you to analyse your own pension fund solution in more detail and to implement short- or medium-term measures.

Your customer advisor will be happy to help you coordinate this process. Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation hopes that this article has aroused your interest in the full study, which you can download here.

We wish you interesting reading and much food for thought from the Swiss pension fund study 2019.