Flex collective

'Flex collective' is the right product for companies that do not wish a customised BVG solution. This is a community of affiliated companies. Although 'Flex collective' is usually favoured by smaller companies, our customers also include bigger companies that wish to outsource their pension fund obligations to a competent collective foundation.

Your advantages

'Flex collective' customers benefit from efficient administrative processes, an advantageous insurance rate, and a high degree of transparency. The pension assets held in this collective solution are invested in the Flex20 investment pool. The number 20 refers to the equity exposure of this pool, which means that the risk is quite low.

The interest rate is determined by the board of trustees every year on the basis of the net yield on the investment pool and the value fluctuation reserve that is needed. 

The group solution

  • Solution for companies with at least three insured persons
  • Joint funding ratio
  • Invested in Flex20 investment pool
  • Affiliation is not possible while suffering a funding deficiency.
  • The interest rate is determined by the board of trustees.

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