Flex individual

Flex individual is a highly versatile solution tailored to your company with individual pension plans. Each pension scheme is managed in a manner comparable to a company pension fund with an annual balance sheet and operating account and forms its own fluctuation reserve.

In addition to its usual duties, the pension fund commission (rather than the board of trustees) determines the rate of interest for the individual savings capital, taking account of the pension fund's financial situation. The pension capital held within this solution is invested in one of the three investment pools, Flex 20, Flex 30 and Flex 40. The Swisscanto Flex Collective Foundation offers a wide range of investment options with the Flex 20, Flex 30 and Flex 40 investment strategies. The numbers 20, 30 and 40 no longer stand for the long-term targeted equity component. Instead, the actual equity component of each investment strategy is shown in the reports.

Your benefits

  • Solution for companies with at least ten insured persons
  • An individual funding ratio without solidarity between the various pension schemes of the affiliated companies
  • Choice of three mixed Investment pools: Flex 20, Flex 30 and Flex 40
  • Own fluctuation reserves with compliance with the required target fluctuation reserves of Flex 20 8.50% / Flex 30 11.60% / Flex 40 15.20%
  • Own balance sheet and operating statement including notes
  • The product specialises in the acquisition of company-owned pension funds as a cost-effective alternative
  • An affiliation in underfunding is possible
  • The amount of interest paid on the retirement assets is decided by the administrative commission of the affiliated company

Own value fluctuation reserve (required target value fluctuation reserve):

  • Investment pool Flex 20: 8.50%
  • Investment pool Flex 30: 11.60%
  • Investment pool Flex 40: 15.20%

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